42 Wonderful White And Orange Pumpkin Centerpieces For Fall And Halloween Table Ideas

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Still trying to decide on the perfect centerpieces for your autumn wedding? There are many beautiful designs for festive fall centerpieces, some of which are easy enough to do yourself. These are some ideas for creative handcrafted fall centerpieces.

The autumn colors, leaves, fall flowers, and seasonal elements like pumpkins and gourds can all play a role in the best fall centerpieces. There is a style to suit every type of reception, so you are sure to be able to find one that you love. The key is to identify the general style or theme that you would like for your reception d├ęcor, and design your centerpieces around that.

Rustic is always big for the fall. This is the time of year when couples are most likely to have a wedding that is what I like to call “barn chic”, where the bride wears a simple gown with handmade wedding jewelry, and the whole reception takes place in an authentic barn. Interesting vessels will always add interest to the table displays, and for this type of wedding, they will be easy to come by. Take a group of orange and white pumpkins and hollow them out to serve as vases. A super easy idea is to buy potted mums in the rich reds, yellows, and oranges of autumn, and just transplant them from their pots into the pumpkin vases. This is the ultimate in a diy centerpiece for a casual fall wedding. It is very easy, and extremely affordable.

If you want to stay away from pumpkins, another fun and unique vessel to use would be hollowed out gourds or eggplants. The deep aubergine purple color is a more elegant option, and would be lovely for a wedding where the bride is wearing a slightly more dressy bridal gown and set of wedding jewelry than in the “barn chic” scenario. Fill the eggplants with flowers in rich shades of purple, red, burgundy, and brown.

Of course, there is no rule that says centerpieces have to be about flowers. For those who love Halloween, a fantastic centerpiece would be handcarved jack o’ lanterns for each table. Do them with a wedding twist, though; instead of scary faces, carve elegant motifs such as an elaborate monogram or even a pretty scene. To elevate the pumpkins beyond the typical jack o’ lanterns that kids carve, be sure that the person who cuts them does so with precision and artistry. These would be real conversation starters for your wedding guests.

Another non-floral idea for an autumn wedding would be to create your centerpieces from cornucopias. These woven “horns of plenty” represent the bounty of the earth and the abundance of the fall harvest. Cornucopias are an age-old symbol of fall, and would be very unique table decorations. The traditional horn of plenty has a large number of fruits and vegetables spilling forth from it onto the table. Choose really pretty cornucopias made from a rich brown wicker and you will have a marvelous looking centerpiece for an outdoor autumn wedding.

Fall is a fantastic time for a wedding, and it is wonderful if you can make the season itself a part of your wedding theme. These ideas for creative centerpieces with an autumnal flair are perfect for capturing the essence of fall. Best of all, they make a fun and easy project that any bride can do herself.


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