46 Best Ideas For Outdoor Dining Chairs

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If your restaurant features an outdoor patio section you can transform this area into a summer dining spot that will enhance the look and feel of your establishment and increase your capacity. Having access to a terrace or patio is a big advantage and should be used to its fullest. When planning your outdoor dining d├ęcor it is important to look for furnishings that are commercial grade and can stand up to light weather conditions including rain, wind and intense UV sunlight. Most restaurants with outdoor patios leave the furniture out at night so you will want tables and chairs that are durable enough to handle a passing shower.

Chairs are pretty easy to shop for. A sturdy set of plastic dining chairs will hold up for years to come and offer patrons enough comfort to enjoy their outside meals. Table tops, however, need to be chosen carefully since certain materials, including oak and other hardwoods will rot and fall apart under adverse conditions. Materials that are ideal for outdoor use include aluminum, teak wood, vinyl padding, laminates and melamine. A sturdy and durable surface that can be easily cleaned and won’t falter when the weather turns bad is the ideal table top for an outdoor dining section.

Before you choose a material for your outdoor dining tables it’s a good idea to think about the theme of your restaurant, the clientele you cater to and what will look best in your setting. While polished aluminum is a strong and sturdy material for a table top it’s not the best fit for an old-fashioned Italian style garden terrace. Upscale outdoor settings do better with materials like mosaic melamine that has classic patterns and designs that make each a fitting furnishing for a traditional outdoor dining area. Polished aluminum is a clean and sturdy style but often works better in more casual settings such as outdoor sports bars and cafes.

Another high quality material that can work in both traditional and contemporary settings is granite. Granite is a weather-resistant material that if sealed properly will resist heat, stains and scratches. Granite can be found in many color and patterns so finding one that matches your particular restaurant theme shouldn’t be very hard. Great for upscale restaurants and bars that want a durable but attractive surface, granite is one of the more popular table top materials available.


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