16 Fantastic Dental Office Decorating Ideas

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Interior designers given the task of decorating a dental office are in charge, not only of making it look professional, but also making it an enjoyable place where patients can feel comfortable and at ease. While most individuals are not so thrilled at the thought of an appointment in the old dentist chair, the more inviting, the better.

If a patient is able to feel at home in the environment, it will most likely translate into return visits. Even some simple changes can have a drastic effect on the perception people have when entering the practice. In this article, we will provide a few simple tips to help you transform a boring office into a place; people may find a little more enjoyable.

Neutral Colors

Making the decision to paint with colors such as beige or light blue can help patients feel for relaxed and calm before and during their procedure. Steer away from vibrant or overly exciting shades, as this may cause some people to feel uneasy.

Hang Dental-Related Artwork

A tasteful selection of framed paintings and posters can really help to set the mood. Avoid choosing artwork depicting the painful aspects of dentistry. Something light and artsy should do the trick just fine. Spread it out throughout the office to create an inviting atmosphere.

Add a Fish Tank

Many people head to the dentists office full of fear and jitters. Adding a fish tank to an office waiting room is a wonderful distraction, and a means to help patients feel a little more at home. This tactic also does wonders for anxious or rambunctious children, giving them something to do.

Make an Antique Dental Book Display

Antique books not only look classy, but can also serve as wonderful conversation starters. In addition, they serve as a means to show patients just how far advancements in the dental field have come. When not in use, they simply act as an eye catching decoration, giving off a professional vibe.


Some offices can feel so cold to patients. Add some life to the waiting room by adding several plants to the waiting area and the rest of the building.

Think of Yourself

Try to think of items that put you at ease. What would you enjoy seeing in your dentists waiting room? Make a list and evaluate it with the staff and physicians in the practice to see if they have any ideas. You may be surprised at the results!


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