41 Easy Shower Design Ideas For Small Bathroom

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If anything that you can really call private in your home is your bathroom, so more thoughts must go into your bathroom remodeling fervor rather than the money. Investing excessively without a plan – at best – shall create a beautiful heap of junks and not reflect your personality; your zest for inspiring awe in your guests may well transform into belligerence enough to flush them down the drain. Therefore, to make you reach your dream, you need to chalk things out prior to shelling out your money; afterthoughts are not well enough to make an impression on invited ones regarding your wealth, your style and your preferences. So let’s start with the ceramics items and slowly we shall ambulate towards the others.

When dealing with the ceramics, consider four basic things that shall make them look good and shall assure them a longer lifespan. These are the depth of the glaze; the thickness; the quality of the clay; the over-spray (color) and of course, the design or the style. Four-piece sets are the best option to go for; buying the basin, the pedestal, the pan and the cistern individually may result in a mismatch of colors and designs.

If you prefer a bidet, place it close to the toilet and not at some other place of your bathroom. A fountain spray is a must with the bidet and the whole setup must match the color and the style of the toilet. For the bath, choose from a variety of materials including synthetic materials like polyvinyl chloride; however, it’s the cast iron, pressed-steel, glass-reinforced plastic and acrylic that stand as the most popular choices. Again, it should match your purposes, the color and tone of the rest of the bathroom as well as the shape of the room. That makes the single-ended rectangular baths an ideal one for the bachelor while double-ended ones for couples; if your bathroom is round-ish or oval, a matching shape with a shower would impart a more easy-on-the-eyes effect altogether. Else, settle for the Corner baths (equal sided or offset), but only if your height is under five-and-a-half feet or the space-saver baths.

As for the basins, glass makes a wonderful material provided it’s of an appropriate thickness, tempered and is thermal shock proof. Additionally, the basin must have an overflow facility.

Choose among chrome, antique gold, nickel, brushed steel or simply powder-coated finishes when deciding about the taps and showers; as for the configurations, you must weigh disadvantages to advantages prior to making a selection. This must also comply with the kind of bathroom furniture you are installing and must be given utmost care if you are settling for the stand-alone or the modular types. With the fitted types, a small bathroom may appear even smaller; therefore, the color and finishes must counterbalance the optical illusion.


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