40 Amazing Farmhouse Bathroom Designs For Your Crazy Idea

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Solid wood worktops have always been a favourite choice for the home owner and rightly so, wood looks great and has a fabulous tactile quality. Also it is easy to maintain and very flexible in terms of its ability to be cut and shaped to fit even the most awkward locations. These natural qualities are then enhanced by the choice of woods available; it’s not simply a case of choosing an oak worktop or a beech worktop but there is now an extensive range of colours available, from dark woods such as African walnut to the lighter woods such as maple and birch.

Beyond wood there is a wide array of other materials available, including both natural and man-made work surfaces – and just because it is man-made doesn’t imply it is not a quality product! The choice includes, amongst others, granite, quartz and glass as natural alternatives and compound mixes based on granite or quartz but infused with resins under pressure, which gives greater flexibility to the uses available for the material. These other materials will be covered in detail, individually, in other articles.

However, all things considered, few things compare with the look and feel of natural wood, which many consider to be an absolute must for any rural home. Hardwood, or often called ‘chopping block’, worktops blend into almost any kitchen design; be it contemporary or old farmhouse, wood can create the ‘wow factor’ you’re looking for.

Being as beautiful as it is, with the grains running all the way through to the underside, this material is in a class of its own. Like all kitchen work tops, it is a must that they are looked after but with regular care hardwood will last a lifetime and still look as amazing as it did on the day of installation


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