48 Beautiful And Simple Minimalist Home Porch Designs

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If contemporary art is your style and you have the asset of a sun porch at home, you can combine the appeal of the outdoor space with your love for modern art. Abstract wall art suggests whatever exists in the imagination of the beholder, so it can be used to tie the porch to the landscape in any number of ways.

Reflect the Outdoors with Abstract Metal Wall Art

Take your cue from your surroundings and let it suggest shapes that you can repeat in abstract metal wall art. Organic shapes are natural in the landscape. Graceful curves and bold circles suggest the shapes of flowers, curvaceous flower bed lines, hills and ponds or an arbor in the distance. Simple graphic shapes can repeat the grid of an overhead pergola, patio stones or reflecting pool. Part of the appeal of abstract art is that it is not literal and interpretations are as diverse as human personalities. Bold abstract pieces naturally attract the eye, so a simple minimalist scheme will let your selections stand out without appearing busy or overdone.

Bare Walls Come Alive with Abstract Focal Points

The wall of a sun porch that shares an exterior wall of the house may be the most expansive wall space available. Use it to create a focal point with a stunning piece of abstract metal wall art that contrasts with the texture and color of the wall. For example, a light colored piece of wall art will show up nicely against a dark brick wall, while a light colored wall can be enhanced with a dark matte or burnished hammered piece. Center a large piece of modern abstract metal wall art on one wall without other adornment for great impact. A nearby wall can display modern wall sconces that will illuminate your art after dark. Or arrange a narrow console table below the piece and arrange simple glass cylinders with candles as a source of illumination. Try online sources for a the greatest selection.

Repeat shapes, colors and finishes of selected abstract art with table top candle holders and modern outdoor lanterns. Side table lamps, modern metal containers planted with bold grasses and textural foliage plants, table top fountains, seat cushions, throw pillows and area rugs will bring a modern scheme together by punctuating the space with bright color echoes and a variety of textures. Try graphic metal candelabra over the table outfitted with pillar candles for a dramatic yet practical accent.

Art and Mirrors

Make the sun porch appear larger with the use of wall mirrors. A strategically placed mirror can reflect a piece of abstract metal wall art, providing additional viewing points. Framed wall mirrors can also ‘punch’ a hole in the wall, making the porch seem brighter and reflecting garden views indoors. A series of framed contemporary mirrors turn any wall into a bank of windows or highlight the space between windows. Or select a beautiful piece of abstract metal wall art that has a mirror mounted behind it for a perfect pairing that is ready to hang and enjoy


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