48 Interesting Small Home Decor Ideas You Must Have

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Are you moving from a larger residence into a smaller house or apartment? If so, you are no doubt concerned about making your new accommodations look spacious and inviting. The following decorating ideas will give you a good start on making this transition go more smoothly.

The truth of the matter is that you will probably not be able to fit everything into your new dwelling no matter how much you try to make it happen. This brings us to the first step which is to determine what you really need and can’t live without. This may be furniture and accessories that you already own or will need to purchase.

The second step is to decide which space-saving strategies will work best for you. Are you interested in built-in storage or freestanding storage? Built-in storage is actually more efficient while freestanding storage creates dead space around it and seems to block vision in the room.

A mixture of storage designs actually looks best. Considering using closed cabinets, cabinets with glass fronts and open ones for an airy look. The eclectic look gives a room character.

Make use of multipurpose furniture that serves more than one purpose whenever possible. A sofa bed is a good example of multipurpose furniture and may be just right for your situation. Just remember that the sofa bed must be as comfortable as a sofa when made into a bed. The ease of transforming it from one use to the other is also an important consideration. This applies to all multipurpose furniture and accessories.

Other space-saving pieces include fold-down furniture and accessories. A classic example is a wall bed which folds down from the wall when in use and is stowed away again after use. I am reminded of the efficiency of travel trailers and mobile homes when thinking of decorating ideas for small spaces. They are most efficient and offer ideas that can be used in any house or apartment.

When choosing accessories for a small room, try to put out only three or five of anything in a grouping. An odd number for a grouping looks best. There’s a fine line between having collections and having clutter… know what I mean? Ask a friend if a grouping or room looks cluttered.

Keep in mind that in a small space you need to give your accessories and displays plenty of breathing room. They will become focal points for the room!

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