42 Amazing Diy Decoration Ideas For Charming Bedrooms

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A lot of homeowners consider home decorating to be quite a challenge, however if you can identify the furniture, accessories and colors to use, you can quite easily create your own Asian decorating bedroom. Here are some bedroom decorating ideas on how you can transform your bedroom to have a charming Asian influence.

If you want your Asian influenced bedroom to be bold then stick to golds and reds for the color scheme. Get paint cards with the colors on them and then you can take the paint cards with you when purchasing accessories and furniture and always get a perfect match.

In the bedroom, you can add unique interest with bedding, vases, picture frames and, of course, your bed, bureaus and night stands. You want to end up with an oriental influenced style with black lacquered furniture. Taking the time to choose the proper accessories and furniture will improve your Asian home decorating style.

Some bedroom decorating ideas for great Asian style accents include folding screens, kimonos and painted lacquer accessories to add appeal, but you also should consider the window treatments as well as the walls and flooring. Window treatments for the Asian decorating style can be bold and colorful or you could simply use bamboo shades. For wonderful wall decor, you could try adding Colorful Asian prints in bamboo, bright red or black lacquer frames or even hang up a silk embroidered Kimono.

Another thing to consider is the correct lighting. Bedrooms need both overhead lights and lights for beside the bed. Look for lighting that is bright with black painted wood or adorned with rice paper shades to augment the Asian decorating style decorating approach.

Another major component that will help give the room designer appeal together is flooring and adding area rugs to your Asian decorating style bedroom can make the room look put together. The perfect type of flooring for the colorful and exotic style is bamboo mats or sculpted rugs which should be neutral or bright colors depending on your style.

You can also add to your d├ęcor with style figures such as Geisha girl dolls on black lacquer shelves or simple flower arrangements in unassuming vases or bowls. An indoor water fountain always adds an interesting touch. You could also add an Asian room divider, and Asian figurines in glass domes to make the most of your decorating scheme. On the bed, pile up decorative pillows in rich red and gold silks.

These bedroom decorating ideas for an Asian decorating style bedroom can be easy and fun if you put together a good plan ahead of time. Shop wisely for only the items in your plan and place them accordingly and you’ll have the wonderful look of Asian influence in no time!


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