40 Good Diy Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas That Easy To Make Itself

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Do-it-yourself projects are really enjoyable, especially if you are able to create something good looking and functional. Try thinking outside the box… er.. shed. A backyard garden shed with a porch is a more advanced DIY project, but it is so worth the effort.

If you are one whose yard is a source of pride for the entire neighborhood, as you decide where to put that new storage shed you are planning, think about adding a porch to it. That will dress up your new structure to add a sense of design instead of making it an eye sore for the neighbors. That way you can have some exterior shelves to hold plants and pots for gardening. You may also decorate the front with hanging plants and flowers to enhance the beauty.

Your new building will have more functionality because it will not only act as a storage building, but it can also double as a potting area for your garden. The roof over the porch will add some shade during the hot summer days, as well as protection from inclement weather.

One thing to be aware of is that an overhanging roof adds complexity to the project so it is a good idea to get hold of a good set of blueprints, which will be available very easily using a search online for “storage shed plans with porch”. It is so much easier to find specialty blueprints like this online rather than driving from one store to another and searching for hours only to come home empty handed.

It is always a good practice before starting a home do-it-yourself project to check with your neighborhood home owner’s association and your local building department. Do that so you won’t have any “uh-oh” moments when the code inspector shows up later on.

With your new building completed, you will be able to relax under the new porch and enjoy the accolades of your wife and neighbors. And why not take one more step by adding a hanging swing at one end to dress it up even more. Now when you get tired of lawn work you will have a place to sit or lie down for a short nap


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