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Why do we need industrial storage systems? Companies and industrial plants have an important need for safe and secure storage of heavy and sometimes oversized materials and products.

In response to this need, manufacturers of steel storage components have developed heavy duty steel storage systems especially designed for industrial storage uses. These systems are capable of storing large quantities of building materials in a space saving manner. The weight capacity of these systems is amazing – some boasting the ability to hold more than 30 tons per upright.

These storage systems consist of framework made of heavy gauge steel beams with heavy gauge steel bases and projected arm beams made of the same heavy gauge steel. The arm beams are adjustable and are attached to the frame at one end by heavy gauge steel bolting systems. The arm beams can be designed for different uses in these systems. They can be designed to hold large, heavy pieces of building materials, such as copper pipe, lumber, drywall, metal stripping, etc. Or, they can be designed to act as dividers for use between sections of long pieces, such as PVC pipe, baseboard, decorative trims and moldings, etc. Or, they can be designed to hold steel coils, coils of electric wire, telephone wire, cable wire, etc.

You will likely find these industrial storage systems in industrial plants, commercial warehouses or even at your local DIY home improvement store. These systems could even accommodate rolls of carpet or vinyl in a commercial carpet warehouse or a carpet outlet store. How about large bolts of commercial fabric that is used for upholstery in the construction of furniture for the home and office? These racking systems could easily be employed in these areas as well.

Do you have products or parts that you need to store that don’t fit into any of these categories? You still need to be able to safely and securely store and organize them. In answer to this need, the manufacturing companies who specialize in this type of industrial storage also make heavy duty racking that has the ability to hold up to 20 tons of weight. Because these systems can support greater weights than conventional pallet racking, you could store your products and parts in a space saving manner to maximize the floor space you have available.


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