45 Simple Fence Decoration Ideas

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A big part of holiday celebrations start with decorating, and having a few really cool outdoor Xmas decorations can really spread some holiday cheer around the neighbourhood. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Outdoor Christmas decorations can be simple and economical if you can just invest a little time. Here are five simple and economical outdoor decoration ideas to consider.

Outdoor Christmas Trees

If you have even one large tree on your lawn, or several smaller trees, you can create a Christmas wonderland that will shout Happy Holidays all season long. Even without the use of lights, you can decorate Christmas tress outdoors with just a few homemade items. Large red bows tied to the branches look very festive and popcorn strung with cranberries make great garlands. You can also often find oversize ornaments at your local discount store and while these look far too big for the average tree, they work perfectly for decorations on a big outside tree.


Lighting up your house can be done with ease with only a few colourful spotlights that shine on a focal point such as shrubs, trees or garden structures. White spotlights can be very effective when they shine directly on the front door, especially if the door is adorned with a festive wreath or other welcoming decoration. Spotlights of different colors hung inside a few trees around the yard and pointing down will cast a merry glow of red, green, blue or white around the whole lawn.

Painted Wooden Cut-Outs

If you happen to be handy with a saw, it’s easy to create simple silhouettes that can be painted and staked in the yard to create happy scenes of celebration. Woodworking plans can be found for free in many online craft sites or may be purchased at woodworking stores. The patterns are economical as they can be used repeatedly to continually expand your personal collection of outdoor Xmas decorations. Once the cut-outs are erected they can easily be highlighted with spotlights for a very magical effect. Some easy Christmas cut outs to make might include silhouettes of reindeer, carollers, or a nativity scene.

Candle in the Window

One way to decorate inside your home for the outdoors, is to place a single white candle decoration in every window of your house. These lights come in both battery operated and plug in styles and are very inexpensive. A warm and cheery candle light in every window looks especially welcoming and warm to people passing by on the street.

Garlands and Swags

Garlands can be easily and inexpensively fashioned from branches cut from pine and spruce trees, if you have access to them. Even the excess branches trimmed from your Christmas tree can be wired together with floral wire and decorated with simple bows or small ornaments. The garlands can be strung down porch railings, across doorways or even along property fence lines to create a merry touch of greenery


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