49 Gorgeous Summer Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Flower pictures have such a great energy with their vibrant colors and varied forms, that they make wonderful subjects for decorating your home. A few well chosen flower pictures on the wall can transform the energy in a room and liven up a dull decorating scheme. Photographs are no longer restricted to frames on the wall though. There are so many ways that you can use your digital images in your home. A great way to ring the changes in your décor is to select a few of your favorite flower images to print on to pillows or throws.

The gorgeous colors of flower pictures work well printed on fabric and will brighten up your living room or bedroom in no time. There is a wide choice of cotton or linen pillows available from online photographic services. Many of them are of excellent quality and present your photo with a border in a choice of colors to fit in with your décor. You could even create two sets of pillows, one for winter and one for summer, selecting the flower images that fit in best with each season.

Fleece or cotton throws are another fun way to use your flower images. You can create collages with all your favorite photos or just use two pictures repeated to make a more graphic image. Flowers are such a versatile subject that you could make a flower photo blanket for each member of the family: bright daisies and tulips for the kids, romantic roses for teenage girls, delicate spring blossoms for a baby blanket, graphic black and white or pop-art images for the sophisticated older teen and so on.

Give your photography skills a fun challenge and start photographing flowers to decorate your home with. If you are looking for inspiration, check out some of the online flower image libraries, where you’ll find a wide range of artistic and natural flower pictures. You can even use a flower image from an image library for your pillows and throws, as they are usually royalty free, which means that once purchased you can use the image for whatever you like with no further fees


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