40 Gorgeous Girls Bedroom Ideas With Princess Themed Decorations

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The experience of choosing your little girl’s baby bedding theme is a fun and memorable happening. Deciding on style, color scheme and d├ęcor theme are of course the first steps. Doing research on what is out there is a great start, so you can get an idea of your likes and dislikes. When you decide what you are looking for, make sure you put together a budget because with so many bedding options and accents available it’s easy to get carried away! To help in your search, I have put together a list of the top girl baby bedding brands out there, all the popular themes and what colors are most beneficial in the crib.

Girl Baby Bedding Brands

Lambs & Ivy

Lambs & Ivy is a trusted baby bedding company that has been in business for over 30 years. They take great pride in their unparalleled and gorgeous quality bedding. Since they are constantly following the current trends and also classic styles, you will always know you are creating a baby sleep space with all the best in design and materials when you go with one of their crib bedding sets.

Their girl baby bedding selections are something from a fairytale with flowers, butterflies, sweet kittens and much more. The modern edge of this bedding gives it a fresh and crisp feel and will accent your princess’s nursery with appealing style and grace.

Sleeping Partners

Sleeping Partners has been fashioning bold and adorable girl baby bedding for 16-years. Their upscale bedding sets are designed under two brand names: Sleeping Partners and Tadpoles. They also specialize in creating many other items for the nursery, so you can have coordinating accents throughout the space.

With Sleeping Partner’s amazing designs and patterns, your precious angel’s nursery will look as if a professional designer created the decor. You will love how their collections for girl baby bedding really set your baby’s nursery apart and will become the highlight of the home.


Just like their unique name, Hoohobbers has been manufacturing distinctive and dramatic baby bedding and other nursery accessories for 11 years. Once you begin researching them, you will see just how much they are recognized for the top quality materials and the charming collections they put together. Hoohobbers has won several awards making them a leader in the bedding industry. Their safety regulations are strict and thorough and they have never had a recall on any product.

It would be hard not to find a style and design you like with Hoohobbers. They have a vast and varying selection of baby bedding, from soft and light colors, with cheerful and lively patterns.

Popular Girl Baby Bedding Themes

As soon as you’ve decided on the nursery theme then the room style and colors should fall into place easily. Most every company has a few common baby bedding themes that are offered by the masses which really helps you find everything you need. The 5 themes we have researched and listed below are the top five girl baby bedding themes available today.

Princess Theme – The princess theme can go so many directions from super-frilly to modern chic, and will most probably encompass pink, purple and a tiara around there somewhere! You can make it princess-like by choosing decadent silks, velvets and posh accents, or go for the gusto in princess themes with literal princess print.

Garden Theme – This is a theme perfect for any nature lover! Bring the outdoors into your angel’s bedroom with floral patterns splashed with pink and green. Add some butterflies, ladybugs or dragonflies to the party and your baby will have an enchanting garden she will truly treasure.

Animal Theme – This sassy pattern is always a hit for a safari style or an all out diva style in the nursery. You can go with a kitten or Noah’s Ark animal print and incorporate zebra, tiger and leopard with cute zoo animals or make a statement with one animal print and one beautiful accent color. You can choose light pink with leopard or lavender with zebra print and really make a show-stopping sleeping space!

Character Theme – Disney cartoon characters are always a huge hit with the kids and a lot of adults! By getting bedding with cartoon characters you’ll be introducing your child to the joys of Mickey early on and creating an adorable nursery decor as well. You can get the characters directly on the sheets and bedding, or choose a color scheme for the bedding and use a character on the bumper and accent pillows.

Fairies – For a magical and dream filled haven where your child can make wishes and dream of mystical creatures, the fairy theme is the perfect choice. Add the fairy print bedding to the crib and top it with a mesh canopy and you have an instant fairy kingdom your baby will grow up cherishing.

Baby Bedding Colors Can Affect Your Baby’s Mood

With all the research on colors, you won’t be surprised that they can genuinely affect your mood. It’s also known that newborn babies spend up to 16 hours a day in their cribs during the first few months of life. With those facts, it’s very advisable that you design a sleeping space that reflects calmness and serenity. Avoid choosing patterns and colors for the crib that will stimulate your baby’s senses and mind.

For girl’s baby bedding, going with a more pastel shade of any color would be the top choice for creating a tranquil girl’s nursery. Many times, a room painted in bright and vivid colors can actually be so overbearing that it can cause headaches; so using spectacular colors in the crib wouldn’t be advisable.

Recommended Colors

Research has shown that the color green is #1 on the list of peaceful colors. It slows a baby’s breathing, keeping your baby calm to help your little one begin the journey to dreamland. A pastel sage would be the best choice and mixing it with light pinks and yellows will really make a placid and soft space for rest.

A light purple or lavender color is very assuasive and actually can help you or your baby alleviate any nervous tension you might experience throughout the day. It’s also reported that purple can aid in keeping your baby’s emotions harmonious and well balanced.

Hues of light pink can provide a peaceful environment to keep muscular tension at bay and help remediate pain. If you’re responsible for late night feedings then you’d appreciate being surrounded by pink walls and accessories to soothe your precious baby.

Blue mimics the serenity and calmness of the sea and beach. You could create a tranquil sleeping space with neutrals and blues that depicts your favorite beach or go with aqua and light pink


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