49 Cute Baby Boy Room Ideas

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here are many great options available when it comes to decorating a baby boy’s room. Whether you choose to use a theme or to just keep it neutral, you can create a great room for your new baby boy.

If it’s a theme you are interested in, here are some popular ones for a baby boy nursery:


  • Western – lassos, cactus, horses, and cowboys help make a great room for your little buckaroo-to-be. It is also a theme that will carry well into a toddler and young boy’s room, saving you the time and expensive of having to redo the room in a couple of years.


  • Noah’s Ark – is a cute and popular nursery theme for a baby boy’s room. Animals in pairs and arks can be used to accessorize the room.


  • Sports – sports themes are another popular idea for a baby boy’s nursery décor. You could choose a specific sport such as baseball or football to base the room around or create a room using several sports as the theme. This is another room theme that would easily carry through to the toddler and early childhood years.


  • Things That Go – planes, trains, and automobiles are all wonderful items for decorating a baby boy room. Use them together as a combined theme or choose just one to focus the room’s motif around.If a theme isn’t for you, choosing a color scheme to build the room’s décor around is a good way to go about planning the room. Don’t feel limited to the traditional shades of blue for a baby boy’s room. Consider choosing a nursery bedding set you like and then using the bedding to choose paint colors and décor. Shelves with knick knacks and mementos, growth charts, and art work can be found to compliment the paint and bedding. Large letters spelling out the baby’s name can be hung on the wall and a baby shadowbox could be created using such keepsakes as a birth announcement, footprint, hospital bracelet, a pair of baby socks, etc.

    Take into consideration how long you want to use the décor in the room when planning it. If you want the baby nursery décor you choose to care over into a little boy’s room, then avoid using themes that won’t grow well with the child. Also remember to design a room that you will enjoy being in. Although your baby will be too young to appreciate your hard work, you will be spending a lot of time in the room also so create an atmosphere you will enjoy as well



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