46 Creative Diy Wall Art Ideas For Decoration

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Are you ready to experiment with things you would throw away or things you already have lying around to create unique and exquisite headboards? There is no dearth of ideas if you let your creative juices flow. Here are some ideas that will help get you started.

Use a section of a wooden picket fence as a headboard. If you have a fence that you want to change, excellent, if not you could get it from a home improvement store. Paint it in a color that will match the decor of your bedroom and fix it on the wall over your bed.

Do you have an old door or a mantel that will fit around your bed? Use it as a headboard. You could paint the door and also decoupage with fabric or paper. It could be perfect for your room.

Use a trellis or arbor. They are available in a variety of sizes at the home improvement store. Paint them and decorate them with silk flowers and ribbons to create that stylish headboard. Fix them on the wall for stability.

If you can get hold of ceiling tin sheets, they could make unique headboards for your bedroom. Usually you can find them at flea markets and salvage stores. They should be slightly larger than the width of the bed. Nail them to the wall for an unusual look to the room.

Curtain rods that are the width of the bed or slightly bigger fixed on the wall above the bed can be used to hang various things to create beautiful headboards. You could hang vintage napkins or placemats. Pillows are another item that you can hang from the curtain rods. Make sure you modify the pillow cases so that they can be hung from the rods. Hanging a beautiful quilt could also work wonders for the room. You could also create your piece of cloth to be hung. Bring out your embroidery skills and stitch a beautiful design to hang from the curtain rods to create your very special headboard.

An old window frame, painted and fitted on the wall is another idea for a headboard. You could also paint a scenic picture behind the frame or use wall paper or a painting to give an effect of looking outdoors.

The place above your bed could be used as an area for your photo collection. Display your special photos with friends and family in beautiful frames, arranged in unique patterns to create your headboard. You could keep changing your photographs. Probably you could have a theme for every season. Similarly you could also hang paintings. It could be paintings that you have painted or from your collection. It could also be your children’s art work including cards and drawings they have made for you


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