44 Cozy Modern Master Bedroom Ideas

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Fabulously frugal master bedroom decor that can help transform your space into a plush, romantic retreat. With lots of Do It Yourself ideas, you can add color, dimension and soft textures, creating the perfect sanctuary to escape the cares of the day.

First on list is window treatments. If you’re not digging yours, it’s time to update. Why not try a layered look?

By combining woven wood shades with drapes, you up the style factor by bringing more dimension and color to your windows. Make sure to line your shades for privacy and/or light control, unless you intend to use drapery for that.

Romantic master bedroom decor should include comfy seating for two, where you can lounge, chat, share a cup of coffee, etc.

If you don’t have much space, a settee works great at the foot the bed, or an old fashioned fainting sofa. Try to position a small table nearby to set food and drinks on.

Instead of built-in bookcases in your bedroom, why not build banquette seating instead? Many modern bedrooms have niches which can be turned into a plush seating area, complete with upholstered cushions and soft pillows.

This idea would also work well for an attic master bedroom remodel where the ceiling may be too low to stand up, but perfect for lounging. Save money by building a box platform or if you need storage, use stock, over the refrigerator cabinets as your base.

If you’re a person who likes to write their thoughts in a journal, a small, decorative desk would be a great option.

Lighting is a key factor in your master bedroom decor and when shopping for new fixtures, remember to steer clear of bare bulbs, or at the very least, install dimmer switches. It’s hard to feel romantic if you’re retinas are getting burned, so try lamps or wall scones with fabric shades that create soft light.

Want to escape to Tuscan hillside, secret garden, or beach resort? Wall murals are a fabulously frugal bedroom decorating idea.

To bring the ceiling down and make the room more cozy, paint it an accent color. Sky blue would go great with a beach mural on the wall or a caramel colored ceiling paired with dark wood beams if you like more of a rustic look. Repeat your new ceiling color somewhere in the room to anchor it.

Venetian plaster and faux paint techniques can also be used to decorate walls or remodel an outdated fireplace. Do it yourself for under a hundred dollars


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