Lovely Library Room Design44
Lovely Library Room Design44

47 Lovely Library Room Design

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If you have an older home that has a library room or you are one of those fortunate people who may have a mansion with its own library, here are some tips for decorating this stately room. A library can be a beautiful part of any home when decorated to accent all the best features.

If the library room has big open window areas, arranging tables or chairs to sit and read by the sunlight is a great idea. Try to make the area one of comfort and perhaps add a chaise lounge or oversized, stuffed chairs to lean back or stretch out. Little tables for cups of tea or coffee beside these gigantic chairs will add a look of comfort. In the winter time, arrange the chairs and tables around a blazing fire in a fireplace to add a touch of comfort and warmth as well.

If you have walls and walls of built in bookcases, do not just line the shelves with book after book. Separating them out by subject and then using vases or knick knacks to break up the monotony of the shelf will add a touch of hominess or class and you can always make the knick knacks or art pieces part of the category for the books on the shelf.

For example, if the shelf is lined with books on travel, then how about using a miniature globe or if the subject is traveling Italy, a small copy of a gondola on the shelf would be an excellent touch. If the shelf contains books on animals then a figurine of the animal of your choice could be placed in the middle of the shelf. There could be many possibilities for these types of items to break up the continuous rows and shelves of books.

You could also incorporate a couple of antique desks depending on the size of the room. A nice roll top desk that has been restored and made out of dark cherry wood, would give it an executive touch, while a big, sprawling desk with chairs on both sides gives the room a touch of class.

Area rugs are the perfect accessory for any library space. Rugs offer comfort and style to the space. Choose a rug with contrasting colors or a mixture of colors from the entire room. Paisley looking rugs or rugs that are made like tapestries would also be an excellent touch. Maybe even a rug custom made to hold the family crest and placed in the center of the room would be a wonderful addition.

There are many options to give a library the quiet, sedate feel that you want to accomplish or make it a room that inspires the occupant to write, or plan an adventure. Libraries should be comfortable to sit and make you never want to leave the room. Reading gives you the opportunity to take many adventures across the world or into outer space without ever leaving your comfy chair, and the security of your home. It should be a place that you want to spend days upon days of reading and dreaming. When you carefully decorate your library, it will become the most enjoyable room in your house.


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