Simple Garden On A Budget41
Simple Garden On A Budget41

46 Simple Garden on A Budget

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Cheap garden sheds are available for storing your garden furniture over the winter but you need to weigh up the value of taking the cheaper option now and decide whether it will save you money in the long run. How long will it last is the obvious question? While a good quality tongue and grooved wooden one may seem expensive now, it will last for years to come if maintained properly where as a cheaper option will be long gone.

What will it look like is another question you should consider. if your backyard has been landscaped or you have a nice patio with outdoor bar and kitchen then you obviously spend a lot of time in your outdoor space.

Ruining that space by putting a poorly made eye sore in it is not really an option.

What about the quality? You get what you pay for, simple as that. You can’t expect the door to survive a few knocks from the wheelbarrow or the roof to survive a few inches of snow next winter if its made from flimsy vinyl.

There are better ways of getting cheap garden sheds without giving up on quality but you may need to put a bit more thought and work into it.

Build your own is the perfect way to keep costs down. The money you save can be invested in better quality materials so you end up with something in your garden that will provide storage for your garden accessories for years and years rather than just a few winters.

If you aren’t so good at DIY and you are wanting something larger than say a small portable size, perhaps an Amish design for instance, you can buy plans online and then get a price from a local carpenter or handyman to build it for you.

If you go this route be sure you buy your own timber as a tradesman will always add a little on the cost. Most plans come complete with a shopping list so getting everything you need is straight forward. Garden shed kits are another option and come in a wide variety of materials, styles and price ranges, so it is important to do some research and decide up front what is right for your needs and your budget. Keep in mind that the shed will be a permanent garden building in your yard and you want it to be not only functional, but looking good as well.

Build your shed the Amish way! Fire up the BBQ, get a few crates of beer in and invite a few of your friends round to help you build it. This method works great as long as at least one of you are a keen DIY fan. You will be amazed how fast even the biggest storage units can go up when you are mob handed and of course, it saves you money!


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