Lovely Girls Bed Room Ideas40
Lovely Girls Bed Room Ideas40

45 Lovely Girls Bed Room Ideas

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When I was a kid my dream room was filled with pink frills – and, oh yes, a beautiful canopy hovering over my bed. Well, I am happy to say that times have changed. Some girls still like pink – and that is ok, but there is a whole new world of choices in girls bedding that reflect and celebrate the independence and individuality of each little girl.

A girls’ bedroom is her haven. A small piece of real estate where she can express herself, her own thoughts, and her independent ideas. I know that this seems a little over the top – but it is true. Having gone through a room redo with my own daughter recently – I could see the joy and self confidence she achieved from being able to take charge and make decisions about this little space that she can call her own. (And she is only six!)

As a parent, of course, I had to set limits – the first of which was obviously the budget. Transforming a plain old room into the best bedroom in the world could theoretically take a lot of dollars. The second limit was taste. This little room/project happens to be located in my home – and I have a sense of design that is not always the same as my daughter’s.

The approach that we took was simple. The walls, the floor and the windows reflected my choices, the comforters, pillows, sheets, shams, wall decor, and accents I left up to her. I chose neutral colors for my portion so that my daughter would be free to change her mind about her choice of girls bedding a few years down the road. Right now High School Musical may be the rage but tomorrow something else might take it’s place.

In our search for kids bed sets for young ladies – I found that the options are endless! Once upon a time every choice was pink. Now, I know that pink is still a very popular color but today’s sets range from sassy to whimsical and back. For younger kids, just about any character that they know and love makes an appearance on sheets, pillow shams, blankets, towels, and the like. Sure all of the classic Princesses are there, but I was pleased to find Dora the Explorer and Disney’s newest princess – Tiana – as well.

For older girls who are starting to move away from the characters – there is a wide variety of bold prints and geometric patterns. Some of my favorites were the Zebra sets with purple or turquoise as the alternating color instead of white. Traditional camouflage has taken a turn to the feminine side as well with shades of hot pink and purple. My personal favorite are the relaxed beach prints. Why not have a taste of vacation every day?


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