Awesome Bathroom With Rock Ideas29
Awesome Bathroom With Rock Ideas29

40 Awesome Bathroom with Rock Ideas

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When it comes to home remodels, one of the most frequently “made-over” rooms in the house is the bathroom. People today have a lot more options available in what they can install in this room as well as how they want to design it. In addition, with the popularity of the modern-day spa products gaining momentum, many consumers are looking for ways to transform their own bathroom into a spa of their own. With simple ideas that are inexpensive to expensive ideas that make a true remodel, there are many ways to make this spa atmosphere fit right into your own home.

To begin, one of the more expensive changes to implement would be to replace an existing tub with a whirlpool model. These can be costly but well worth the expense. Another addition that some homeowners are considering is a mini steam room. These home models generally only have room for two people but are quite an addition to the spa experience. Many people are even opening up their bathroom to include a walk in shower. Even if you don’t do this though, simply changing out your current showerhead can make quite the difference. With gentle pressure waterfall showerheads to high pressure massaging showerheads and all the varieties in between-today’s consumer may find themselves taking longer showers!

Another bigger change to move to a more spa like bathroom would be to change out the existing tiles. Many home and garden stores have natural rock tiles (like river rock) that can give a natural element and feel to the room without changing much else.

For a complete remodel, the homeowner can consider replacing would be theĀ bathroom vanity. Is the current model too traditional or simply worn out? The designs used for spas are definitely more modern these days. Unique vanities will often use natural stone such as marble or granite in creating the counter, while the cheaper items will use a Formica or ceramic material. Look for a model that has shelves or cabinets underneath. A home spa would not be complete without plush towels or exotic scented bath oils. A vessel sink can be used rather than the familiar drop in or undermount models. Funky faucets can also be purchased to really set off the look.

A simple fix to try would also be to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Nothing brightens up even the most drab and boring rooms like a new color. For a mellower, relaxed feel- try muted colors like pale blues or greens. There are also several styles of recessed lighting fixtures or even wall sconces that can be adjusted with a dimmer to enhance a softer glow rather than the typical glaring, bright light.

Finally, another easy change to give your bathroom the full spa experience would be to add some plant life. A hanging plant in the corner or a tropical looking potted plant not only look good, but release oxygen into the room at the same time.

There are many changes the current consumer can decide to make, whether they be inexpensive or costly. The best place to start is to plan a budget and to decide which fixes are wanted and begin!


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