Unique Aquarium For Your Livingroom44
Unique Aquarium For Your Livingroom44

47 Unique Aquarium for Your Livingroom

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Everybody wants a living room that is beautifully decorated and is cozy and comfortable. But everybody may not have the money to hire an interior designer and get their home done up. Here are a few tip on how you can do up your living room without spending much money.

You can start by changing the curtains. Bright curtains give a good aura to your house. You can look around for wholesale shops or auction houses from where you can purchase cheap material or ready-made curtains. You can also use your old saris and ask your tailor to stitch them to give a new look to your living room.

Potted Plants
A few potted plants here and there in the living room give a nice feel. There are plenty of inexpensive indoor plants available in the market. If you are a plant enthusiast, you can buy seeds and sow them in decorated glass jars.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. They speak for themselves. You can either have a small corner in your living room with you and your families’ photos or have a photo collage on the wall. You can buy inexpensive photo frames or if you are the creative kinds, you can make them yourself. You can refer to the internet where you will find numerous sites teaching you how to make your own photo frames.

Beautiful lamps, lit at the right places give an expensive touch to your home. Again, you will find online lessons to make decorative lamps.

A small aquarium in the corner of your living room would look attractive. You need not purchase an expensive fish tank; you can always buy a glass jar containing one or two gold fishes. Nowadays, you can also find wall mounted aquariums that look exquisite.

Add a romantic touch by showcasing aromatic candles. You can also make them at home. A flat glass bowl of water with flower petals and floating candles look stunning.

If you are good at painting, make a few and get them framed. You can visit frame shops as they often sell paintings at cheap rates. Also visit exhibitions to get hold of good paintings.

Cushions definitely make the room cozier. Add loads of color to your living room by throwing around cushions of different colors and sizes. You can either look for places to buy cheap covers or can ask your tailor to stitch them using your old dresses.


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