Best Wallpaper For Kid Bed Room41
Best Wallpaper For Kid Bed Room41

44 Best Wallpaper for Kid Bed Room

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Thinking of refreshing the look of your young child’s room? Well, don’t think too long – they will be grown-ups before you know it! Having done up some children’s bedrooms in my last few projects, I thought I might just want to share my thoughts on creating cosy spaces for the young.

When you’re decorating kid’s rooms, always have a budget and a plan. As children’s likings change really fast, keep the shell and foundation of the room, like the walls, curtains, floor and furniture flexible enough to accommodate their evolving preferences. Choose a paint colour that isn’t too trendy so it can withstand the test of time. Always ask them to give feedback on whether they like the tones chosen. To create visual interest, you can add wallpaper borders (which can be removed easily in due course) as accents. For more dramatic impact in the room, consider painting a large wall mural (which can be easily painted over later).

Go for fabrics that are colourful but of good quality when it comes to window treatment. Avoid overly childish patterns unless you are prepared to replace the set of curtains every now and then. And try not to build in any furniture until the kid’s physical size, preferences and needs have more or less ‘stabilised’. Younger children will find it more comfortable to write on those lower tables meant for kids (available at all good departmental stores…). And feel free to explore colours and patterns for beddings, as these are replaceable as they grow out of those ‘kid’s room’ look.

Kids tend to have a theme in mind for their personal haven. Listen to them, and try to incorporate appropriate elements to bring out that particular theme. Remember – when kids get to be involved in the decision-making, they are more likely to “own” their new d├ęcor and keep it clean and tidy!


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