Traditional Attic Design Ideas44
Traditional Attic Design Ideas44

47 Traditional Attic Design Ideas

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The house attic fan is achieving what no amount of home energy conscientiousness can do. Everybody seems to be shouting those buzzwords nowadays “green”, “renewable”, “clean energy”, “carbon footprint”, “organic” and more. However, going green is for some not quite so easy.

Solar panels are a fantastic technology, but can be expensive and a wind turbine would go so nicely with your collection of garden gnomes if it didn’t eclipse your entire house. You may have resolved to use your traditional A/C fans as little as possible but in the heat of summer, you find yourself in dire need for relief. Thankfully, there is a new solution: the house attic fan.

What is a House Attic Fan?

Going green and enjoying the benefits of much lower energy consumption in the home is easily made possible with the house attic fan. This exhaust fan is installed in the attic or on the roof of your home. By opening up a few windows, it sets up a powerful circulation that sucks fresh, cool and clean air from the outside while forcing the old, stale and hot air out from your home’s attic. The overall effects of the circulation promoted by the house attic fan are:

  • Air in the home that is 10º to 20º F cooler
  • A reduction in your attic’s temperature by up to 50ºF
  • A consistent cool breeze in every room (with an open window)
  • A constant supply of fresh air, which promotes the health of you and your family members.

The House Attic Fan: Out with the Old and in with the New

The exhaust fan not only enables you to enjoy a beautifully cool home in the middle of summer, but it also drastically reduces your electricity bills; consuming a mere 10% of the electricity required by traditional A/C fans that in any case only recycle the old stale air inside the home. But while you are focusing on your new ‘green friendly’ status, your house attic fan is also promoting the health of you and your family! With its strong circulation constantly replacing the air inside the home, you will find annoyances such as allergies, unpleasant odors and contagious illnesses (colds and flu) to be far less of a problem than they were before. Whether you own a menagerie of pets or smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, the air inside your home will be kept clean, fresh and cool thanks to the powerful exhaust fan action promoted by house attic fans. Out with the old air and in with the new!


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