Amazing Red Garden For Valentine45
Amazing Red Garden For Valentine45

48 Amazing Red Garden for Valentine

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Say, you don’t want to give classic long-stemmed roses for Valentines this year. Say, you instead want to bring sometime more original rather than this ‘same old, same old’ classic Valentine treat.

If this rings true, I have some creative, dare I say crafty, ideas for you. Something new to try this year on Valentine’s Day.

10 Rose-Themed Alternatives to Long Stemmed Roses

1. Choose origami paper roses. They are easy to fold. Make 1, 3 or 5 of them. Choose an uneven number as this looks more abundant. How to make this ‘wow’ is by handwriting a love poem, rolling up the paper, putting a ribbon around it and gluing your rose(s) on the outside.

2. Find a lovely card with roses, put it in an envelope, and add 2 movie tickets to the envelope.

3. Make a rose drawing with a personal message. For those of you who never draw, this may sound hard, but actually, if you never make anything creative, the fact that you do make something by hand, will be very appreciated.

An easy way to draw a rose from the top is: draw a tiny circle. Draw a little coil around the circle and close the loop. Draw 1/3 of a circle around that coil and close the ends. In an overlapping manner, go around the circle to draw 1/3 circles. Whatever you make will be treasured

4. A lovely silk blouse, skirt or even silk lingerie, with a rose print on it, will be a winner on the day.

5. How about some rose jewellery? Buy or make a charm bracelet with silver rose beads, some rose quartz. It will be cherished.

Sure, a diamond is a girl’s best friend. If the moment is right, choose something with roses as well as diamonds. That would spell love in big letters, but of course, this is not appropriate for everyone.

6. Instead of a bunch of long stemmed red roses, consider giving a rose bush to plant her garden. That way she can see your love grow. Consider a pepper plant for a metaphorical ‘peppered romance’ might even be more befitting the message you want to convey.

7. Carefully select desk accessories, dinner tableware or furniture that feature roses make good Valentine’s Day gifts too.

8. Create a handmade card with 42 roses stamped on it (if it is your 42nd year together).

9. Email her a rose wallpaper for her computer (or Twitter account). Add a love note that’s to remain private.

10. Home spa bath balls with essential rose oil and rose pedals will result in both fizz and buzz in your relationship. Well, at least she’ll enjoy a romantic bath and will feel loved.


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