Amazing Valentines Stair Decoration41
Amazing Valentines Stair Decoration41

45 Amazing Valentines Stair Decoration

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Planning a perfect start to Valentine’s Day is easy.

Decide what breakfast you would like to serve them in bed and ensure you have all the ingredients. If you’re planning something in utter secret then make sure you have more than enough of the essential ingredients in. If you need eggs and they get used up the night before then you would be doomed! You could always have a back up plan.

Lovely breakfast in bed ideas include freshly baked croissants, served with their favourite jam. Eggs benedict is a special breakfast dish too, or you could do a full English if that’s what they love. Find something they will really enjoy, a breakfast perhaps you’ve shared on a special holiday. Think back to your honeymoon, what did you eat for breakfast on that?

For a drink you could prepare a delicious Bucks Fizz – that’s orange juice with champagne. This is only suitable if you’ve not got to drive anywhere for the rest of the day though, so bear that in mind.

Make the tray look special with a single red rose in a vase, or another flower if they prefer something else. If you need to then make two journeys or more upstairs with the breakfast tray. Don’t overload it and risk dropping it down the stairs. Starting the day hearing your best crockery fall down the stairs and smash is not a relaxing beginning to Valentines Day.

If you’ve sneaked out of bed without waking them up then you could quietly decorate the room, bring them their flowers and any other presents you’ve bought them and then when you come in with the tray of yummy breakfast the room will be ready. Rose petals can be bought and used to decorate the bed and could you make them into the shape of a heart.


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