Shabby Chic White Christmas Tree Decor Ideas 37
Shabby Chic White Christmas Tree Decor Ideas 37

40 Shabby Chic White Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

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Christmas is a holiday that is traditionally full of colors. Lights, decorations and even trees can be found in a wide array of color choices.

You will find red, blue, orange and of course green, but one of the most popular colors is white and adding a white Christmas tree to your holiday assortment will help to capture the spirit of Christmas.

These trees are very popular in warm and cold climates. In the warmer areas they are popular because no snow falls and adding a white tree makes it seem like it snowed right in your living room. They are just as popular in the colder climates as well. Even though it may be snowing outside, no one wants real snow in their living rooms. Can you imagine the mess it would make when it melted? That is yet another reason why white artificial Christmas trees have become so popular.

They are also very chic. You can make your whole living room look like a quaint little Christmas cottage with a white tree as the focal point. You can find them with lights already installed. These are commonly referred to as pre-lit trees. You can even find them full decorated! Sometimes there is just not enough time to decorate and a white artificial Christmas tree with built in lighting and decorations can save you loads of time and hassles. They go great in the office as well. Add a touch of holiday spirit to the office this year with a white tree.


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