Modern Rustic Halloween Ideas For Home Décor 39
Modern Rustic Halloween Ideas For Home Décor 39

42 Modern Rustic Halloween Ideas For Home Décor

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Halloween can be a fun time of year for a wedding. For many couples, the challenge comes in trying to create a design that both embraces the spirit of Halloween and is elegant enough for a wedding. Look no further! These are some fantastic ideas for stylish Halloween wedding centerpieces.

Pumpkins are always a popular part of Halloween decor. A chic way to use them in a wedding centerpiece is to stack mini pumpkins inside a tall rustic lantern. Use smaller versions of the same lantern around the central one, and fill them with pillar candles. It is both seasonal and elegant. A cute idea is to hollow out a small pumpkin and use it to hold a short pillar candle. Scatter a couple of these around the lanterns for a charming accent. This is a great centerpiece design for a fall wedding with a rustic flavor, the kind where the guests wear soft sweaters and handmade wedding jewelry instead of satin gowns.

Black flowers are another great theme for Halloween centerpieces. Black wrought iron candelabras can be the base of this tablescape. Fill them will deep red taper candles to create a romantic ambiance. There are some interesting options for the black flowers. Noir velvet blossoms with frayed edges would be elegant and a great alternative to fresh cut flowers. Place them around the base of the candelabras for a beautiful effect. There is something sort of Victorian Gothic about the mood created by this centerpiece design, and you can enhance that with your wedding attire. Jet crystal wedding jewelry will be slightly reminiscent of Victorian mourning jewelry, which is perfect for a romantic yet spooky Halloween reception.

Another creative idea is to make a display using glittered pumpkins. For this easy DIY wedding project, you can use faux pumpkins from a craft store instead of real ones. Paint them black, then brush glue over the surface once the paint has dried. Cover them with black and silver glitter for a stylish take on the typical fall pumpkin. You can create a very elegant display by arranging the glittery pumpkins on a tiered cake stand. Place a large one on top, and use smaller ones on the lower tiers. For a pop of color, burgundy roses can be tucked in among the pumpkins.

Create the look of faded glamor for your Halloween reception using tarnished silver vases or urns spray painted black. Look for elaborate vessels with an antique feeling. Then fill the vases with rich red flowers like dahlias, roses, and burgundy-black dahlias, orchids, and calla lilies. Add sprays of black feathers to the floral arrangements for drama. This would be a gorgeous centerpiece for a formal Halloween wedding, as it is more glamorous than spooky.

The great thing about a Halloween wedding is that you can get really creative. Use your imagination to design centerpieces that are the perfect blend of spooky and stylish. Your guests are sure to enjoy the personal touches you put into planning the perfect Halloween wedding reception.


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