Simple Minimalist Workspace Decor For Small Space Ideas 31
Simple Minimalist Workspace Decor For Small Space Ideas 31

41 Simple Minimalist Workspace Decor For Small Space Ideas

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Gone are the days when discount office furniture meant cheap-looking, shoddily made pieces available in limited styles. Today, it is possible to find quality construction in attractive, low-cost furnishings and, with the choices available, you are sure to find a style to suit any décor or taste.

Modular designs remain an excellent option for start-up companies or those whose needs are changing. Easy to install and re-configure, these lines allow you to select just the pieces you need at present and then add to them as and when required. Desks, hutches, and extensions allow for a variety of configurations, from standard U and L shapes to T shapes that can accommodate two workers.

Modular discount office furniture is the ultimate in flexibility, and many pieces (such as file cabinets, storage units, and computer racks) are available on casters to allow them to be rolled into place when needed and then placed out of the way to free up floor space when not in use. Regardless of a company’s line of business or history, many use modular pieces in some capacity, from executive offices to workspaces for entry-level employees. Since you can combine finish and paint colors from a wide selection of options, it is easy to match existing décor or to create a fresh new look for the office.

But discount office furniture isn’t just limited to modular lines. Traditional styles are also available. If you prefer dark finishes with ornate hardware that are reminiscent of lavish, old-time offices, you can find many to choose from. Some feature engraved accents and pull-out writing extensions, and, unlike true antiques, clear laminate finishes protect the surfaces. Desks, credenzas, and hutches are designed to co-ordinate perfectly with accessory pieces such as file cabinets, printer stands, and conference tables. Less ornate traditional pieces are also available, with more severe lines and simpler drawer pulls. Some have a decided art-deco attitude and resemble styles popular in the early twentieth century rather than the Victorian feel of the heavier pieces.

Discount office furniture is also available in contemporary styles. These feature minimalist lines, although sweeping bow fronts are popular. Available in an assortment of finishes, the light oak is one of the most sought-after colors. Often glass or metal is incorporated, and many high rise storage hutches are available with frosted glass fronts. Round and rectangular conference tables can be found in just the right size, and, like modular furniture, you can choose from a vast selection of components to create an office that is not only stylish, but offers the precise functionality required whether for an executive office or a reception station.

Nor is discount office furniture limited to business use. There are many excellent, low cost pieces available for the home office as well. You are no longer limited to computer desks that quickly begin to sag or pieces that don’t match anything in your home. Whether your space is limited to an armoire that keeps all your computer equipment out of sight when not in use, or you have a complete room to furnish, you can find a style to suit your taste and budget.


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