Creative Halloween Ideas For Home Décor 37
Creative Halloween Ideas For Home Décor 37

40 Creative Halloween Ideas For Home Décor

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Whether you are entertaining adults or children or both, decorations are important in setting the proper creepy atmosphere for Halloween parties. You can come up with some pretty scary decorations that don’t cost much money, and they are guaranteed to give your guests the chills.

The secret to setting the right atmosphere for Halloween parties is lighting. Using novelty colored light bulbs in lamps, wall lights, sconces and even small directional lighting gives your home a new look and makes even the most humble scary decorations look eerie. Keep all overhead lights off and use a mix of lighting strategies to make guests think they may be partying in a haunted house.

Jack-o-Lanterns can be either whimsical or creepy, so pack tables, corners and the entryway with grimacing faces. Choose pumpkins that seem a little odd with discoloration, bumpy growths or even flat on one side. Carve faces that show eerie expressions, and then make a few more as lanterns. Simply take a long 4-inch nail and hammer it all over through the pumpkin shell in random spots. Pair a few lantern pumpkins with some creepy faces, place non-candle lights in them and watch them glow.

An easy eerie decoration for a Halloween party room is to cover the ceiling in bats. Using black construction paper, cut out several dozen simple bat shapes. Tape black thread to the back of the bat and tape the other end to the ceiling. In low light and dangling on invisible thread, the ceiling of bats will look like they are diving and swooping.

There are plenty of commercial decorations for sale around Halloween, from shrieking motion activated ghosts and zombies to creepy props such as Halloween skeletons, spider webs with giant hairy inhabitants, door covers that feature bloody bones and wicked monsters and any manner of window and wall clings with realistic pictures of Halloween horror scenes. Choosing a few key items and placing them in a central or prominent location will up the scare factor for your guests.


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