Wonderful Halloween Decor Ideas For Frontyard 35
Wonderful Halloween Decor Ideas For Frontyard 35

44 Wonderful Halloween Decor Ideas For Frontyard

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Mini Ghosts

To make these cut little ghosts that look great strung through trees and bushes outside or in a mobile, cut pieces of white fabric into squares, whatever size you like. To make the mini-ghosts, cut them about 5 or 6 inches square.

Separately, make a ball out of tissues, pantyhose or batting and put this in the center of the square of fabric. Wrap the ball with the fabric and tie it off with string under the ball, which makes the ghost’s head. You can use black marker to draw a face or eyes on the little ghosts.

Then you want to thread these ghosts together on some fishing line. Thread a needle with the fishing line and thread the ghosts onto the line. After each ghost tie a knot. Space the ghosts out by a few inches.

These are great for hanging up just about anywhere and they make a great Halloween decorating idea for parties.

Another good Halloween decorating idea is:

Creepy Candles

Dark-coloured candles work well, or even Halloween-coloured ones in orange and black.

To make these look ‘creepy’ you could use many trinkets to embellish them such as beads, candy corn, or even the fake cobwebs you can get at some dollar stores. You will also find many other neat little things at the dollar stores you can use to embellish the candles. You may find cats, witches, bats, little cut-outs or stickers. There is really no limit to the many different decorating ideas you could do.

Using ordinary white school glue, glue these items to the candles. For the smaller items you may need to use tweezers.

When you’re done, be sure they are completely dry before you set them out. If you plan to use the candles, be sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t burn so low as to burn the items you’ve glued on.

Place them everywhere if you’re having a party and even outside the door if you are handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters.


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