Charming Teen Bedroom Designs Ideas In Vintage Style 34
Charming Teen Bedroom Designs Ideas In Vintage Style 34

43 Charming Teen Bedroom Designs Ideas In Vintage Style

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Re-decorating a bedroom can be a lot of fun for teens and their parents, whether your teen is growing out of their current bedroom decor or just wanting a change of pace, these tips should help guide you while you are shopping for the right things to make a sweet new bedroom!

1. Make a Theme/Idea

It’s important to come up with a theme for your new bedroom. This can be all sorts of things; a favorite sports team(s), a decade in time, a favorite hobby, a place, or you can go with something less specific by picking a look and a color scheme (like modern themed with Fall colors.) Brainstorm a few ideas so that you have some inspiration as you begin to hunt for the right bedroom furniture and accessories.

2. Furniture

Furniture is the foundation for any room. This is going to be the base for every thing to follow. But keep in mind while you are shopping, that the bedding, accessories, and other decor can make most furniture versatile to fit with many different themes.

3. Walls

Painting is definitely one of the more time-consuming parts of re-doing a bedroom, but it can be a lot of fun! There are tons of designs you can go with when painting your walls. If you want to add texture or patterns, but don’t happen to be a professional painter, try wall paper to get some cool effects with out the hassle. Make sure when painting to consider lighting in the room. If your room allows a lot of light from outside, than darker paint colors probably won’t pose a problem. However, painting one or two walls a light color and then the other walls in a dark color will get that rich feeling of the darker colored paint with out being to overwhelming.

4. Rugs and Floors

Rugs are easy! Find a nice accent rug to go with your theme, and you my friend, have a room changer! Larger rugs can get a bit expensive, but even small rugs can make a huge difference in a room. And if you have hard-floors, a rug will make things much more cozy!

If your room is carpeted you may want to get them cleaned to give your room that final fresh new touch. If the carpets are past the point of being cleaned or if you are tired of the look of carpets, laminate wood flooring can give a nice d.i.y. touch to your space with out breaking the bank. As an alternative, linoleum tiles come in all different colors, textures, and styles, and are also usually inexpensive and easy to install.

5. Storage

Storage is a great way to free up space and can even make really cool additions to your room. When it comes to storage, there are endless possibilities. For example, you could re-purpose a vintage suit case into a craft organizer, put up a cool shelving unit, find a cheap bookcase, or invest in a closet organizer kit. Don’t forget, when you are shopping for furniture (step 2) this is where you will want to get matching bookcases, desks, and under bed storage that will match with your other bedroom furniture.

6. Study Functionality

Don’t forget this room isn’t just for fun! The main thing you need to study is an area you can do homework, read, write, and work on your computer. If you don’t have room for a desk you could consider buying a student loft bed that has a desk underneath or attached to it. Also you might consider a dresser that pulls out into a desk. But if you don’t have room for any of that, there are tons of smaller rolling desk units and lap desks that are functional and can be tucked away easily.

7. Wall Art and Nik-naks

You have 3 options here. You can make your own, buy some cool stuff, or a combination of both!

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