Lovely Pumpkin Wreath Harvest Ideas For Autumn 38
Lovely Pumpkin Wreath Harvest Ideas For Autumn 38

41 Lovely Pumpkin Wreath Harvest Ideas For Autumn

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How about a few Autumn garden ideas with a twist? There are plenty of articles out there of what you need to do practically in the garden over the season, indeed, we have written some to help out but this time we thought we would give you a few creative Autumn activities to try. So grab yourself a coffee and have a go at some of these.

Why not have a go at making your own rustic bug house? We love this idea. Pull together all your old bits of wood, jugs, cups, twigs, small fallen branches & bamboo if you can. Insects & bugs love little sheltered spaces so basically bung all your bits together! Cut your twigs to the size of your cups & place them inside, drill long holes in the fallen branches or other pieces of wood, tie your bamboo together the depth of a small jug & lay your bamboo inside. Stick them, tie them or fix them in whatever way you choose to a piece of wood or your fence/wall & let the bugs find their new homes. The rustic look is always the best, perfection is overrated!

What can the kids do on a rainy day? How about getting them to collect leaves, conkers, twigs & help them to make a collage. Definitely a kids favourite! You could make one big creative collage or make your collection into garden shapes like trees, flowers or birds. Perfect Autumn fun with a hot chocolate in the warm.

You can’t get through Autumn without a bit of pumpkin carving. If you have grown your own there is nothing better than this! Cut off the top, scrape out the middle to make a delicious pumpkin pie & carve your Halloween face. Try something a little different like a cartoon face or your try to carve you own face! Very amusing.

We love conkers! There is something so fabulous about them. Of course you can have fun playing with them but why not roll in glue, cover with glitter & make your own decorations with them. Fabulous for the Christmas tree or lots of them in a vase together.


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