Modern Sofabed For Your Home 37
Modern Sofabed For Your Home 37

40 Modern Sofabed for Your Home

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Most leading quality bed and mattress retailers offer a huge range of sofabeds which are designed to suit all requirements. Sofa beds are a useful addition to any home as they provide both a comfortable place to sit and also an easy way to put guests up for the night. Fold out sofabeds are also ideal for small apartments or studios where space is at a premium thanks to the duel use they provide.

How much space is available for your sofa bed?

This is the defining question when it comes to buying a new sofabed. Not only do you need to consider the space available in the room that your new piece of furniture will be going in, but also if it will fit though the doorway or up the stairs. Sofa beds tend to be chunkier than regular sofas because of the mechanism used to transform the sofa into a bed. Before you look at any sofabeds, measure the size of the doorways and stairs that your new piece of furniture will need to fit through. You should also ensure there is enough space for it to fit in your chosen room when it’s folded out.

How often will you use it?

How often you use the sofa bed will completely depend on your individual circumstances, for example, if you have it as a standby for guests then it could be used once every couple of months. If you plan to use the sofa bed every day because you have a studio apartment or maybe a lodger then your furniture will take a lot more wear and tear. Using a sofa bed as your main bed means that you should invest in one that not only looks great but is also very comfortable.

Sofabeds generally only have a thin layer of padding over the mechanisms which gives a firmer surface to sleep on. This is fine for the odd night but could be uncomfortable in the long term. If you plan to use your fold out sofa bed permanently then invest in one which has a sturdy base and a thick, durable mattress so that you are relaxed and comfortable once you turn in.

What style of sofa bed are you looking for?

Once you know where your fold out bedroom furniture will go and how you will use it, you then need to decide on what style you would like. The style of the fold out sofabed you choose will largely depend on your taste and your current decor. Even if you find a cheap sofabed online, for example, it’s no use buying it if it won’t complement your home. Modern sofabeds range from minimalist futons to luxurious corner pieces in leather upholstery. Leading manufacturers such as Sweet Dreams specialise in modern products which are both comfortable and classic in design so will harmonize with most decors.

Fold out sofabeds are a useful addition to any home and are a stylish, flexible and great value for money furniture item. To get an idea of just what is available, check out the great selection of fold out sofa beds available now.


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