Spooky Home Decoration For Halloween 32
Spooky Home Decoration For Halloween 32

43 Spooky Home Decoration for Halloween

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Many people consider Halloween their favorite holiday. Who can blame them? This is the one time of year that we can tap into our “dark sides” and do it all in good fun! Decorating for Halloween has endless possibilities. Just when you think you have seen it all, you stumble on something completely new. There are some terrific decorations in the market this time of year but many of the best decorations are homemade.

Outside Decorating Ideas

Depending on your view of the Halloween holiday, your yard can be a graveyard with multiple zombies set up or a picture perfect example of autumn, with colored leaves, friendly scarecrows and a few Jack O’ Lanterns.

Tombstones can be made of thick foam that has been spray painted in grey or even made to look like marble. With a set of stencils and permanent markers, you can write up spooky epitaphs. To make zombies, purchase old clothing or go through your storage space. Sew or pin the shirt and pants together. Rub them around in the dirt to get them properly disgusting. Stuff with leaves, upholstery filling, newspapers or any other materials that can be manipulated. Make a head out of cloth and stuffing and use costume wigs for hair. Get creative with the red paint. You can use stakes, poles, chairs and other objects to pose your zombies.

A less morbid approach to outside Halloween decorations is to create a friendly atmosphere with smiling jack o’ lanterns and colorful leaves spread all around. A jovial looking scarecrow on a post adds a bit of charm.

Inside Decorating Ideas

Are you planning a Halloween party? Homemade decorations can cut down on the costs for the festivities. If you are anxious to spook your guests, turn your home into a monument of old and undead. Think vampires, bats, spider webs, spiders, ghosts and ghouls. You can even create your own sound recording to make background noises that will send shivers up the spines of everyone who dares to enter your house of horror.

Whether you are having a formal sit-down dinner or plan to serve up food buffet style, a great centerpiece is a necessity. Think squash, pumpkins, dried flowers and candles or set up your own “ghoulish centerpiece” containing a standing menu that renames your foods to make guests think twice about what it is they are eating… all in good fun, of course.

In all of your Halloween decorating, make sure to keep safety in mind. Set candles in glass containers and make sure they are not near flammable materials such as costumes, drapes and napkins.

Let your imagination run wild and your Halloween d├ęcor theme will not only be fun to create, it will be a big hit with party guests and trick-or-treaters alike.


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