Modern Lighting For Your Livingroom 37
Modern Lighting For Your Livingroom 37

42 Modern Lighting for Your Livingroom

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Natural light can satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs of a home during the day. That is why natural lighting is completed by artificial light, which not only defines the space, but actually emphasises or hides volume and produces expected effects if used properly.

Every room has a specific function and requires a particular lighting system. In every situation artificial lighting has a purpose whether that be to highlight the furniture, making a certain interior design object the focus of a room, or just has a practical role; helping at reading and cooking.

The living room represents the business card of any family. The lighting here is a very important aspect, helping in many activities, but also giving the room a relaxing and welcoming feel. One can use recessed lighting or chandeliers to highlight certain areas. For general lighting a flush mount light is the most adequate – avoid big pendants in flats!

As a general rule, in the bedroom strong light doesn’t fit. Here the atmosphere must be smooth and intimate, although for the ladies’ makeup table well lit mirror is a must. For those night readers a lamp on the bedroom nightstand can come in handy. For the general room lighting one can use wall lights in dark corners of the room.

The kitchen is a light-loving space, where light is need it in every corner, although some need it more then others, like the kitchen counter or the interior of the wall cabinets. To achieve this effect you can place spot lights over the cabinet doors or some neon tubes over the working space. You can use spotlight fittings to illuminate the entire room.

I haven’t forgotten about the bathroom, for some, the most important room in the house. It has some areas where directional lighting has to be used, like the mirror area (spot lights or flush fittings), but also some zones where uniform lighting distribution, of sufficient intensity, is needed.

The access hallway is probably the most used area of the home and requires a bright light, that you can get using flush lighting with one or more light bulbs.

To create a special vibe in the entire house or some specific areas you can use decorative lighting sources – lighting globes with pieces of glass, lava lamps, floor lamps, fireplaces, etc. Nevertheless candles give a special touch to a room. Their importance shouldn’t be overlooked when trying to obtain a romantic and attractive setting.

What has to be remembered is that artificial lighting has to chosen depending on the destination of the room, the activities that are going to be done there and the number of people accessing it. A correct choice contributes to obtaining the atmosphere and comfort desired.

The variety of lighting fittings makes it sometimes hard to appreciate what works best in certain space. For every room in your house are a series of recommendations to help you make the right decision.


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